Completeing Prodution

Zaina Juliette is Starring ia a powerful TV Series entitled Shades Of Sapphire, Zaina plays the Role of Sapphire, a very strong Character with many layers. The head of her own organized Crime empire, running the city of Las Vegas. Sapphire is a modern day Robin Hood. Don't Cross her. 

Zaina is also slated to star in 2 films beginning in January 2020. Zaina also just completed a new film "When The Tables Turn" Coming soon to Lionsgate.

Zaina Juliette is also a Recording Artist, Live Entertainer with a full Concer show wher Music  meets Theatrics. 

Zaina Juliette currently host her own TV Show entitled Zaina Juliette & Friends (ZJF) set in Las Vegas and airs every Sunday at 11:00 AM on The CW Network. Zaina Juliette TV Show is also following her musical career and spotlighting Talent.